Think about how even a simple injury, such as a sprained ankle, can disrupt your life. It’s hard to drive, grocery shopping means hanging onto the shopping cart, most exercising has to be postponed, sleeping comfortably means building a tent at the foot of the bed to relieve pressure from blankets. Fortunately, sprains heal, often without any medical treatment.

Now think about the problems that would be caused by a serious injury, such as a multiple leg fracture or spinal injury. This type of injury is very common after a car accident. Extensive medical treatment will be required, probably including one or more operations. The pain will be constant, of the type that has caused many people to become addicted to pain medications. The family’s income will be seriously reduced at the same time expenses are going up.

Even if payment of medical expenses is not immediately required, there are always other expenses that must be paid. Wages are lost, extra help is needed around the house, if the hospital is far away, extra money will be spent on meals and gas. It all adds up. Before you know it, monthly bills are being paid late and credit cards are maxing out.

Receiving Compensation for an Injury

If there is reason to believe that the accident happened because another person was negligent, discuss the matter with an experienced personal injury attorneys in las vegas. It is particularly important not to agree to an early settlement offer from an insurance company. It’s seldom possible to know the full amount of future medical expenses. However tempting it might be to take a settlement to alleviate financial problems, it will almost surely be far short of the amount that will actually be needed. There are also intangibles; how much is your pain and suffering worth?


Most injury cases do not get settled in court, but are settled through a negotiated settlement. This process typically begins with a “demand letter”, setting out the facts of the accident and medical treatment that is required now and in the future. This sets the stage for negotiations, which may continue for some time. The negotiator on the side of the insurance company does this all day, every day. An injured person needs to have someone equally experienced representing them. Usually, both sides will eventually arrive at a written agreement, settling the matter for an agreed-upon sum of money. Rarely, a case will proceed into court, by means of a formal lawsuit.

The attorneys at Bighorn Law have been dedicated to finding justice for accident victims for years. Anyone injured accidentally because of another’s negligence should immediately discuss their case with a personal injury attorney in las vegas. For a free and fair evaluation, call this car accident lawyer day or night.